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Please allow for 2 weeks to be built. Usually ships within 24-48 hours after being built. This allows quality control.

Product Overview

  • **Please Call for Pricing & Ordering**Please allow time to be built to specs *
  • RPM range: 1,500 - 5,000 / Advertised duration range: 286-295* / Duration @ .050” range: 234* / Valve lift range: .540-.560”.
  • The MTS #15-th Camshaft Thunmps at idle, about 950 RPM and is the perfect choice to produce the cherrished 500 HP and 600 ft-lb torque engine. Designed primarily for street use, there is more than enough vacuum to run power brakes.  The 500 / 600 cam has very strong mid-range power, to an even more impressive, huge top-end power band. Rev it up to 5,000 RPM in first gear, shift into second gear, and watch your left front fender yank right up from the torque. MTS created this cam to become an animal and has awesome response to 150-200 hp shot of nitrous oxide.

  • RPM bands on this camshaft can exceed the boundary of safety for engines with stock connecting rods. Forged “H” or "I" beam connecting rods are preferred.  If you want durability, aftermarket rocker assemblies are also required at this level of power and ported heads are strongly recommended to facilitate the build.  If you’re going to pump up your motor, you really need to make sure all of the components in your build can hold up to and help promote the performance of the cam and to keep your engine in one piece. The MTS#15-th Cam cams works best with a 3.23 to 3.73 rear gear ratios.  For extra measure, toss in a 2,000 RPM Torque Converter ---- and be prepared to be pinned into the back of your seat.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review